Fishery Regulations

Lake 1 Floating & sinking lines

Lake 2 Floating & sinking lines

Lake 3 Floating line only - Dry fly & nymph patterns

Lake 4 Floating & sinking lines

We are very proud to have a good head of wild brown trout in LAKE 1 which have come in from the feeder stream, they range from 8oz to 3lb

Without exception all wild brown trout caught in lake 1 are to be returned alive

  • A valid ticket must be purchased prior to fishing. Once the bag limit has been reached, fishing must cease unless an additional ticket is purchased
  • All anglers must complete a catch return in order to assist with stock management
  • With the exception of all wild brown trout in LAKE 1, no catch & release
  • Anglers must be in possession of an Environment Agency Rod Licence
  • Single fly, maximum size 10. No droppers or teams
  • No shooting heads
  • No rod share or dividing catch with other anglers
  • No strike indicators

All Fishermen & visitors are kindly reminded to take all their litter home with them. Discarded nylon maims & kills wildlife


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